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If your reading this then you are there and wondering how to get here (WNC)?!

I created this site to be a guide that is easy on the eyes and hopefully stimulating enough to encourage a call for more information. Hunting for a place in the mountains is going to be an experience that is unlike any real estate transaction you have ever done before.

Now living in the mountains; it’s not for everyone. The nights are REALLY dark (does help to see the amazing firefly displays or the Milky Way). It’s very quiet (except for the creek and the constant song birds). The community is crazy friendly (gonna have to get used to the constant waving and chin bobbing). The drive to go to the store can be an all-day affair (if the local farmers don’t have what we want). Sometimes the weather is temperamental (we like the wood stove and Netflix anyway). The natural scenery backdrop is always changing (how many different shades of green are there).

As to the nuts and bolts of finding or selling a property and actually consummating the sale to closing … that’s where the joking stops. Real Estate is a profession that I have practiced since 1984. As an agent, I take my fiduciary duty of care, skill and diligence seriously. Whether you are selling or purchasing a pre-existing home or a vacant tract of land; it’s all about the rights that give that home/land value. I am a member of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) where my goal is to educate myself on handling all land related issues pertaining to securing the legal rights granted to the Buyer or Sellers as real estate title holders.

I look forward to having a conversation about your long or short term goals to help you buy or sell your place in Western North Carolina.


Alex C. Johnson
Broker / Agent
I Love WNC